Your Book is Your Business PR

Finish the business book you didn’t know you’d started.


Seminar at Innovate Calgary, in the  Alastair Ross Technology Centre

3553 31 St NW, Calgary, AB T2L 2K7

January 25, 26, 2019

Friday, January 25, 6 – 9 pm

Content audit of your speeches, blogposts, slideshares, websites, video as well as your social media channels

Plan, outline and structure your business book


Saturday, January 26, 10 – 5 pm

Begin writing your book

Plan the promotion of your book & your expertise

Your business book plays a big part in your public relations. Imagine integrating it with your social media, interviews, speaking engagements, courses and so much more. Develop the relationships you need to sell the book as you write and sell the book before you finish writing.

Your Book Will

  • Help you find and qualify new leads
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Attract speaking engagements and interviews
  • Train your staff, contractors, marketing partners and others how to work with you
  • Position you as an expert in your field and differentiate you from your competition
  • It can help you to laser-focus your business
  • It can help you get to a place where you will have more time to travel and to spend with your family

Finish the book you didn’t know you’d started.

That’s right. As a busy business leader, you have a wealth of knowledge and you have probably already produced a lot of material: speeches, articles, blogposts, lengthy explanatory emails and ever so much more.

With this approach, I am going to help you find the book you are meant to write by digging through the material you already have and finding ways to refine and repurpose it for social media, your book, speaking engagements, courses and more.

I will put your proposal in front of an agent who as agreed to respond with commentary in a timely manner.

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